Political trends, philosophical trends, literary trends, artistic trends, and even architectural and interior decoration trends ... All movements spread from the western world from Greek tragedies to the French Revolution sequence engendered each other. All of this was emerged by things that engaging, opposing to each other, or feeding from each other. Romanticism, Classicalism, Maximalism, Minimalism, Industrial, art deco, colonialism and more. Philosophical thoughts against to political climates, literary masterpieces benefiting from them and new styles reflecting to artists brushes and tools, fashion and decoration styles that fed from emotional world of these works and find new way itself from these life styles! A great balance, irony, unity that it is impossible to distinguish one from the other.


A house in a classical style of decoration must be crowned with tables, sculptures and busts bearing all the influences of the Renaissance, which are fed from the same root. Classical paintings, of course, are not something we can get unless we are one of the biggest collectors in the world, but getting a good reproduction print is not a bad solution, thus you can take the marvelous light of the Italian Renaissance Artists or Russian Classics to your home and trace the perfect beauty. But if you are chasing the original works, you can trace the contemporary artists who take up the classical era. If I wanted to get an original painting to a classical house, I would have took up to Faceless series by Gazi Sansoy . This new perspective created by taking the classical era painting with a critical view, with unusual colors and disidentificating the main figures can made a chief in a classical house with the proper framework as both classical and modern work.


A house with a modern decoration style can be imagined as the area of the Dadaists, Impressionists, Expressionists’ show of force. They were the trends at the peak of modern-era art, and the birth of the style of Modern decoration coincided with the dates when these trends were most productive. You can give place the one of print by Catalan painter Joan Miro or Picasso on the walls of a modern house that has a soul which has more than minimal and simple than art deco with large windows, bright rooms and chiselled dark colored furniture, on the other hand if you want to on the other hand, if you want to see an original work from the names of our coeval, I would like recommend that take a look at the magnificent landscapes of the American painter Erin Hanson named Open Empressionism and the reinterpretation of Impressionism! As the father of modern sculpture is considered Rodin; not the smooth busts, but figures that have intrusions and protrusions, the rough and touch the mind and the soul are the correct address.


In the Country and Provence houses, it is useful to make room for classical period landscapes, but most of them still lifes. You can hang one of the Still Life reproductions by Frida Kahlo or floral still lifes of the contemporaries behind your dinner table in wooden frames or wall behind the wing chairs.


An eclectical house is at the foremost of your free space for your artistic desires because it will open itself to all the artistic trends that flow from your eclectic heart, which can get something from every style. You can create a vivid Gallery Wall in front of your dark blue wall with a brown antique leather sofa; you can place contemporary portraits or small and large tables from colorful wooden prints, such as birds. A great original photo print can be hang on another wall and you can make your home express yourself and itself.


If you exhibit one of the black and white photograph series in a minimal house, Japanese Print art, or works of an artist who works on small ink as a gallery wall, you will not run counter to the "less is more" motto of the house. On the other hand, if you live in a maximalist house, it is possible for you to show boldly the small and large trinket, the antique bleu blanc objects, the original acrylic and oil paintings together  in the same room, because in a maximal house ‘less is less, more is everything!’


If you are a collection owner and if you will redecorate your home, it would be a good idea to determine the style of your house according to the seriousness of your collection, however if you are not curious about acquiring a collection but love art and want to see arts that you like in your home, direct the strong works that will wrap up your soul from inside of frames and art trends that proper to your home decoration style and you will never get tired of looking at it and able to easily express you to a person who will go into your house for the first time. Whether the works that you will buy is original or whether it is reproductions or editions; the home decoration that you will place them in is also an art and there is a connection with the trends that create the works. As long as you keep the connection, your house will always have a soul that you love!

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