High ceilings, large and spacious living areas ... The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to "loft" is obviously the open spaces where there are no walls. The concept of loft that expresses large living spaces created by converting from industrial buildings at the beginning, created its architectural style with developing over time. Today loft refers not only to this type of construction, but also to the style of decoration that can be applied to non-loft spaces.

Loft architecture has come a long way from the past to the present. The reason of emergence of loft houses that have industrial look by it's nature was obligation rather than aesthetic or architectural concerns. When a solution was searched to housing problem in 1960s in the U.S.A., the idea of ​​converting abandoned old warehouses and factories into homes was emerged. Of course, the contribution of the artists to this trend should be kept in mind.. Due to these industrial buildings are both large and cheap, mostly artists settled there in the beginning. The buildings that were empty due to the production was out of the urban areas in cities such as New York were come into use by painters, sculptors and architects who needed to comfortable and large spaces to work and generate. One of the most iconic names of the American pop culture was Andy Warhol's studio that she gave the name as "Factory" was in the one of these lofts. 

The loft apartment trend was found odd especially by the municipality, the fire brigade and the police at the beginning and those who live there were not allowed to live there on account of the fact that there were not safe. However, thanks to the opposition of the artists who did not step back against authority in accordance with the spirit of the period, the loft concept turned into a piece of urban touch. Loft architecture, which is preferred by young professionals, especially those who want be different from artists and their parents who live in suburbs, thanks to the freedom area that offered with designs that very open to creativity, has quickly become one of the symbols of modern architecture and urban life. Such that the loft trend, which started with the renovation of industrial buildings, extended to the construction of lofted style high-ceiled apartments.

Of course you do not have to live in an old apartment that converted from a warehouse or a factory to catch the loft style ... By applying certain features of this style to your home, you can get loft-like spaciousness and freedom in your living spaces. So let's start!


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Open floor plan

The biggest advantage of the Loft style is that it is based on a huge living area, which is not divided by walls, and immense ... This huge space can include a kitchen, a hall, a living room, an office, and sometimes even a bedroom. If you want an open floor plan in your home, first of all you have to get rid of the non- bearing walls. The bearing walls can be demolished by the beams added to the ceiling ... You will have made a huge difference in your home even if you merge not only all the rooms but the kitchen and the living room. The high ceilings and large windows are a must for loft architects. There may also be some construction required; Some of the changes that you can make to your apartment are to change if you have small windows change them with large ones, if you have a balcony or terrace, you can add this area in your home ..



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Industrial touch
In the loft style that its starting point is formed by industrial buildings; concrete or wood can be used on the floors, brick or plastering can be used on the walls. Forget the wall painting; you can cover your walls with plaster or brick, or you can choose vintage wallpapers. If you think that you will paint them in any case, you can use the painting techniques that give the walls an aged look.

One of the essential of loft style is exposed pipes, ventilation ducts and beams ... Especially if you are living in an old and converted building you can keep some of the existing details.. You can leave a wall uncolored, you can paint the water or heater pipes on the wall with different colors and make it as a part of decoration. If your walls are built from bricks, you can use this texture without using any paint.


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Loft style decoration
The furniture that will fill the large spaces must also be big. You can use wide L-type sofas for your hall or you can divide your living space into several sections with dividers like library and folding screen. Floor platforms may also be a good solution to separate the different areas from each other. The important thing in here is decorating without endamaging the spirit of the open floor plan. You can use libraries that stretch up to ceiling, big tables and tall lightings to fill empty spaces. With a specially designed loft chandelier or a massive wooden dining table, you can add a sophisticated look to your sitting area.


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Glass, wooden and leather that metal is predominate, are indispensable materials.. The secret of Loft home decoration is; obtaining a modern and chic appearance with using natural materials such as wooden and stone with compatible human made materials such as glass and steel. For example leather armchairs, metal lightings, wooden furniture and glass tables can be used together. It is useful to make cool and simple choices when choosing furniture. You can create your own style with using natural colors such as gray and brown tones for large furniture, and vibrant patterns and tones for accessories.

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