Childhood that the most important and most precious period of the human life serves as a backyard where all life is shaped such as the secret oasis that the first fears, the first excitements, all the feelings of being human becomes green and where our character is guided. At the beginning of all the private places where privacy is learned and the individuality is discovered, there is a room belongs to the child.

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How is the child room organized?

A room suited to the child's wishes, physical and spiritual development will help the child fully live his/her most mysterious and entertaining years of life, just as a child must live. A room where the colors tons are balanced and chirped, a room where the sleeping, working and playing areas are correctly separated from each other and arranged in the way the child imagines is important for a comfortable sleep and less confusion. A decoration that focuses on the interests of the child, leaving behind the parent-dependent time of babyhood and being autonomous, productive and full of dreams, will be very supportive.

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Children love to hide from early childhood and to create a world that is special to them. Game tents are a tiny world that looks small from the outside, but opens up inside, offering a place to sleep, to play house, to hide and to think. Wallpapers for coloring the room or stickers that specially designed for children’s room can be very ideal. For example, you can use a world map wall paper that shows animals and plants in the room of a child has discovery desires. In the case of furniture placements, you can use a bunk bed in the bedroom of your active little girl who loves to leap and jump and you can make room for a mechanism that she climbs with the help of rope or stairs and then slide.

Jericho Pink Game Tent

Children’s room furniture

Carefully selected wooden furniture that does not contain BPA should be the primary choice due to it also provides air circulation in the room. A period that is not that long and divided into two parts of childhood will differentiate needs of early childhood period and after-school childhood period and so furniture needs will be different according to these two periods. Choosing the furniture as adapted to this change can provide convenience. In order to make pictures in preschool period, a small table and stool suitable for the height of the child will be enough, it is better to choose an ergonomic table that will lighten the homework load of the child in after school period and a chair that will not damage to child’s sitting position.

For your children who are in the age of fulfilling their responsibilities, and obtaining in-cabinet solutions consisting of divisions that will facilitate classification and layout, wardrobes that proper to their heights and Montessori libraries that they would pick and read their own books will be good. You can make a appropriate choice from the wide world of children's cabinet models.

Decoration ideas for Children’s room

The decor of children's rooms is basically toys. You can be sure that the objects used to decorate will become a toy after a while, on the other hand it is very sensible and effective decoration solutions using extraordinary sconces for lighting and hanging pleasent tables on their walls proper to them.

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Do not make the room a riot of colors so that sinking into sleep becomes a problem. If you keep the work desk away from the bed, you can prevent their brains from entering the unwanted continuous resting mode. It is ideal to use two types of lighting together in the children's rooms, a top lighting where they can clearly see their surroundings while playing games, a night light that will help them to overcome minor fears even though sleeping in the dark will be healthier for them and, a floor lamp that provides enough lighting in resting and reading times creates beautiful solutions.

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The Scandinavian decoration style is one of the most varied and functional in terms of children's rooms and decoration ideas, as it belongs to one of the cultures that mostly gives the due a child to being a child. The curtains and bedclothes, particularly furnished with illustrations, are considered to be a guiding style for the children's room with a sense of systematic and rational furniture, with plushes cut out for sleeping and playmates.

Are you ready for the inestimable taste of integrate a room that will jog to memories for this most striking and unforgettable period of the life, with your child's expectations?

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