Are pastel colors, lace, embroidered seat shawls and rounded forms; are tripod floor lamps, black leather seats, staircase libraries and angular lines? Feminine or masculine? The style you choose determines the every detail of your life as well as the decoration of your house.


Masculine and feminine are words that entered in our language from French. Masculine, “manly” and feminine mean “womanlike”. These descriptions reveal themselves in color, form and texture in decoration. Masculine style in decoration; points to the forms that are far from simple, industrial, and angular lines. Feminine house decoration like its on the name; in the dominance of round forms, floral designs, handcrafted coverings and especially pink color. You can decorate your house with those two styles, whichever is closer to you. Women prefer generally tones like pink, light pink and rounded forms; men prefer dark colors such as black, anthracite, brown and sharp line decoration. Both styles have their own characteristic features and indispensables. Let’s take a closer look!

The splendor of simplicity: Masculine

Masculine house decoration’s, in which dark colors and simplicity comes to the fore, color is black. In this style which focuses on multifunctionality rather than gaudiness, generally uses dark green, dark blue, and brown colors in addition to black. Bright colors like white, ivory and copper are scattered to break the gloomy air that these colors create.



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Minimalist line of furniture, modern retro illuminations, tolix chairs, masculine accessories such as globe, horse figurative sculptures and sporting goods, especially black-and-white colors and large tables with modern lines, are the prominent of masculine decoration. Bicycles and even motorcycles and accessories related to these vehicles are frequently encountered in masculine styles.



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It is impossible to find anything in the floral design or pastel tones in the masculine decoration style, where everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom you feel the dominance of modern and clear lines. Velvet and leather textures, dark wood and black metal profiles, trademarks of this style. Generally, the masculine style preferred by the men living alone is simple and stylish in appearance, in recent times it is favorite of urban women as well. Women who do not like ornaments and exaggerations have come up with the influence of Scandinavian style and industrial designs that have been trending in recent years. Whether it is a man or a woman; this style is for you, if you love the splendor of simplicity...



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Warm and romantic: Feminine

From clothing to decoration, no matter what and where it is, if you are saying that simplicity is not for me; let's take you here, if you are saying that I am not giving up on flowers, the colors, and the vanity. The feminine colors such as pink, light pink, lilac, neutral or pastel tones which are used almost everywhere in the house, are the backbone of feminine decoration. If you want to have this kind of house, you have to leave aside the simplicity and take advantage of everything in the glamorous world of colors, patterns and forms.

With using all the shades of pink, you can create a very feminine ambiance in the form of tone-on-tone. To support this female air with accessories, you might prefer objects with forms of items often used by women, such as single seats in the form of high heels, lipstick or lip-shaped accessories.


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Velvet and silk are in front panel in the fabrics. It can create a warm and romantic effect with vintage or classical engraved furniture; you can carry feminine style to your life, with patterned and especially flower-painted wallpapers, glass and porcelain vases in rounded forms, velvet lampshades, ostentatious chandelier, and tulle and lacework that you will include in detail.



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