Official sources say, “design refers to the entirety of a product or a piece or piece of ornamentation formed by various elements or features perceived by human senses such as line, shape, form, color, texture, material, or flexibility” but the most meaningful answer to the question of what design is; can be said as designing the ‘thing’s that perceived with human senses but appeal to human emotions. If we come to the question of why we design; we have designed to make our life easier since the discovery of wheel and even before. Our primary target was function on the way from better hunting equipment to more useful kitchenware, from wheels to the last Tesla car, from leather sandals to Air Jordan sneakers and from the first seat to today’s design seats, then we headed towards the most aesthetic and finally focused on the best feeling. For this reason, the space and interior design concept has been moving in recent years to focus on approaches such as Danish 'Hygge' and Japanese 'Ikigai' which are based on inner peace.

Ulus Palmiye Sitesi House

Emirgan Sn. Aksoy House

Knowing that anthropological, sociological and psychological studies are done on these subjects is a power that can change the human behaviors of the buildings and interior designs that give a high level of emotional and prosperous feeling and can understand the role of design in shaping the future. Famous designer Ilse Crawford, who handles most of the ‘prosperity’ issue in design and also teaches academic subjects in this subject, says to her students that furniture designs and their positioning in hospitals, cafeterias, houses center prosperity and emotions and their placing shapes our social relations and the material used and colors are relaxing and directing, in short, the most ideal is “to design a place that feels good”; designs that different, balanced, functional, and certainly appeal to all senses and feelings.

Otto Black Table

Antique Lama Buffet

La Boom Restaurant

LT Cengelkoy Teenage Room

Design products are products that are subject to competition and evaluations, where the artistic production aspect of work is more serious. With its material, unprecedented functionality or high-level visual reflections, these products are in an expensive, but valuable, classification. Whatever your style of home decoration is, completing a good decoration with design products becomes an important step to gain character to home. In an eclectic home, an unusual and functional sofa or table, a closet that can be hidden in a baby room, in the office, a simple looked buffet that houses the world's most convenient cabinet system in, can give you some ideas about a specially designed product.

Patchwork Striped Sofa

Yellow Cream Zigzag Armchair

If we come to the question of why design is important; it is not exaggeration to say that it is the most fundamental element that brings humanity to today’s level of technology and civilization. To make things easier, humans who are constantly designing and producing new things has shifted from hunting to farm, from farm to factory, from factory to information age. Even knowing that the unique contribution of industrial design to health is the most significant example of prolonging human life, it is enough to prove its power. The design that exists in every field of life without exception; is a process that creates cups, blades, planes, kitchen cabinets, corner seats, envelopes, illuminations, railings, robots. It is a much more plausible question to ask if there is any place where design is not used rather than asking where to use the design. Ultimately civilization of the world, which is the ‘design’ of human entirely, is the only smart living form in the universe that we know. Therefore, people will continue to design as long as they exist.

Mirror Small Table Lamp

Musketeers Glass Shaker


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