When it comes to Turkish home decor, the very first thing that most of the people think of is Turkish carpets. Although Turkish home decor is famous for its traditional, patterned rugs, the spectrum is genuinely wide. From objects that you can decorate your table tops with, to the unique items that you can change the atmosphere of the whole room meaning everything you need in your life and in your house.

If you want a touch of Turkish style in your house, one of the must haves in your living space is the color blue. Before Anatolian life style took place in Turkish culture, people believed that the sky is holy. This belief made blue have a special place in people’s lives. In fact the name Turquoise is derived from the middle-Asian Turkish culture meaning Turkish blue. Houses without carpets are already passed their glory days. Keeping all that in mind, a blue weaved carpet laying in the middle of your living room would act as a perfect center piece.

Turkish home decor can’t be without patterns. If you are a believer of signs and colors, this particular feature would just fit like a glow for your Turkish styled home. Signs have a variety of meaning such as wealth and abundance in Turkish culture. With the patterned pillows that crow your couch, you add the meaning that your house needs and voiding the lack of colorlessness at the same time.

No house is complete without an object that fills up the room. In every Turkish house, there is a special object in the shape of a round blue eye. In Turkish culture, these objects are called evil eye and are believed to bring good luck. Thus, traditional is a good way to decorate your house with when it comes to Turkish style but it is also a good idea to be open to new trends and combine the traditional with the modern. You can dress up your living room, bed room and even your kitchen with these authentic decorative objects. These conversation-starters will catch the eyes of your curious guests.

Minimalism and comfort are the key to a fine designed house. Instead of thinking different parts of a room separately, starting from a center piece and building around it will allow you to be updated with the new trends and also have a unique Turkish style. Cosalindo is always there for you to have a luxury life without giving up on comfort and simplicity.

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