Showcase of Garden Houses: How to decorate the patio?

If your house is at the garden floor and you have a patio, you have a very good reason to meet spring and prepare for summer. Decorating patio will make you feel better and will give a new look to your house. For these areas between our garden and our living space, we can call it the showcase of our home. Since we are mostly in the gardens especially during the summer months, entrance to and exit from the house is usually made from the patio. The main gate of the house remains dysfunctional; entrance to and exit usually made from patio. There are many accessories that you can use and ideas that you can benefit from to make chirpy these spaces that liven up with joyous breakfast on Sundays, dinners in spring and summer months and summer parties. If you think how to decorate the patio, here are the suggestions!




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Since patio, garden, balcony, terrace, etc. are open areas of our house, whatsoever you choose decoration, be careful that the furniture and accessories that you will choose must be suitable for open air conditions. It is very important that the products you will buy should be particularly water-resistant. If you do not want to be affected by environmental factors such as rain, dust, soil, insect, you can glass in your patio, thus you can use this space as a winter garden in cold weather. If you just want to cover the top of your patio and protect it from the burning effect of the sun, you can choose the most appropriate option from wooden, reed, metal and awning. Of course, it is also possible to do a natural shading with a ivy or a grapevine, which you will plant in a corner of this area. To create a romantic and feminine effect, you can take advantage of tulle curtains, so you can be protected from both burning effects of sun and flies.




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The comfort is in the leading role ...

Since the patio is the area where you will enjoy the open air, comfort and ergonomics must be at the forefront. Straw and bamboo sitting groups, rocking chairs, large pouffs and cushions and even hammocks, if you have a suitable corner, can be the parts of your decoration pursuant to wideness of your area that you use. If you have a large space, you can give a warmer style to this area with a table-chair set that will play a leading role in your breakfast and meals. A wooden, wheeled service desk can also be the complement of this area. You can use colorful lace pillows, decorative rugs, table and seat covers to complete to the garden furniture. You can display your accessories such as lanterns, candles, bibelots, with a large middle table in the middle of the sitting area, or if your space is narrow, you can place them on the small tables that you can place to the corners, or directly on floor. For the small patio decoration, you can choose elegant double seats or table chair sets that do not take up much space. Or you can create a small single-seater reading room with only a single seat and a small coffee table next to it.




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Brace up from the colors

If the colors that you will apply to this area, in the garden, are proper to the habitat and are natural, it will make easier to you to feel the refreshing and cleansing effect of nature. Colors such as earth tones and beige can be selected as the baseline, you can animate this unobtrusive ambience with colorful accessories. Black and its the tones create very stylish and modern effect in large areas. It is great importance that choosing the accessories that will garnish your patio according to the base color that you used in decoration, in terms of visual completeness. You can sign a decoration that you will not to be bored to look at using calm colors for base and vivid colors for details.


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Details that hidden in beauty

You need to determine the accessories that you will use on your patio pursuant to the largeness of the space and the colors you will use at the base. In large areas, you can use large pots and large-bodied plants at the corners, and you can light up the entire area at night with giant floor lamps. You can garnish with flowers your decorations with the decorative pots that you will hang on banisters. You can place large lanterns, candles, sculptures with natural forms on the corners of your patio. Earth pots, ceramic vases, copper containers and wicker baskets create a very stylish effect in large areas. You can use these pots and vases as empty, or you can bring nature to your life with its all aspects by placing dried flowers inside. You can display your aesthetic pleasure with natural stones, succulents and decorative objects that you will place in the middle of your sitting group or dining table. In this area that integrated with your garden, you can also place a decorative water bowl and bird house for the birds, make your patio as habitat of the birds, so you can wake up to day with bird calls. Use the accessories not only on your desk and in the places but also on the walls. Sea shells, straw hats, large hand fans, wooden and leather masks and fishing nets will make the empty walls are inseparable parts of your decoration. You can place small rugs in the sitting areas, and if you wish, you can make an authentic effect by using these rugs on the wall.




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Aesthetics created by light-shadow

Regardless how beautiful your patio decoration are, if you do not make a good lighting, it will not show itself after sunset. You need to be careful of lighting your patio in order to enjoy the beauty of summer nights. You can determine the lighting according to the structure of your patio. If you have banisters, you can place decorative lamps on it, and you can bring an aesthetic solution to your lighting need with lamps and lanterns that you will hang on ceiling beams. You can create romantic and nostalgic effects whenever you want with candles that you will place in big and stand candle holders and with gas lamps. Solar lighting on the sides of the patio and on the stairs, if there are, will be a rational solution for daily use.


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