The fact that babies should not accustomed to swing replaced with the fact that swinging of babies and even adults is an important demulcent ritual, hence the knowledge that the human body release endorphin hormone that reduces anxiety while swinging was disseminated. If we consider that design are directed by needs and emotions, we can understand why the history of rocking chairs is so long, likewise, we need swinging. On the other hand, rocking chairs are the most desired furniture due to they are more comfortable than other chairs with same functions.

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The first area that the rocking chairs take place is undoubtedly the baby rooms. When a baby’s body that is unceasingly swinging in mother’s womb in waterfilled environment meet this world, can soothe all anxious feeling with this softly swinging that reminiscent of mother’s womb. For that reason, swinging is the first and oldest tranquilizing method of human. Not only for the baby, but also for the tired and sleepless parents, it is a great comfort to have a swinging rocking where they can leave themselves in its arms in baby's room. Swinging during pregnancy, as well as being a palliative even in difficult situations such as colic, helps in the development of the fetal nervous system and is good for back pain in pregnancy.

The rocking chair, which is a very comfortable solution for over time work hours in the Home Office working environment, can provide at least an ideal environment for reading extra e-mails, maybe even a little resting with bit of sleep.

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On the other hand, there are studies that show how much the swinging chairs useful for patients with dementia and hyperactivity. The hormones secreted with swinging at a certain rhythm and the need for movement that is satisfied with swing has positive effects on concentration and memory. For that reason, you can make room for a rocking chair by evaluating this oldest and most effective solution of human nature for your family and hyperactive children.

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When considering all its benefits, it is not possible to not to be convinced that a rocking seat must first exist at home. The most famous example is that John F. Kennedy Jr, former president of the United States, used a rocking chair for chronic backache, likewise some exercises suggested by doctors can be applied with a rocking chair and seat.  You can find sources that suggest swinging to patients with hernia of the loins that they only use your feet for 5 minutes, then they just use their  toes for 5 minutes and finally they use their heels for 5 minutes. In addition, the development of bloodstream due to the continuous movement of the chair prevents the formation of varicosis. For people who do not have an active lifestyle, getting a rocking chair is definitely a good choice.


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Of course, a wooden rocking chair or comfortable and good colored rocking seat beside these comfortable and useful features will add a distinctive visual taste to environment. We can state that it is an important complement especially in houses with rustic and country decoration styles.

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It is not possible to define more integrative furniture than a rocking chair for those who are looking for visual completeness, comfort and workability, think about it, would not it be nice to fall asleep at the window ledge with your favorite book under a thin blanket now?

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