To houses from lavender fields

Provence is like a present of Southern France to the world. The contributions of the region is almost unique to both perfumery, gastronomy and decoration with immense lavender fields, vineyards and ranch houses. 

The Provence decoration sense is a style that we mostly use its codes in Counrty decoration style, carries the romanticism effects but it is hand in glove with nature and climate. It is a flying style with the effect of natural wood, massive furniture and linen and cotton lightweight fabrics. There is probably no feeling sweeter than curling up in a wing-back chair on bare tiled floors that greet the light seeping in from high windows.

Waking up in the old iron bedstead, in frilly covers, with great lavender or roses overflowing from the vases on light colored night tables, probably made us feel like we woke up in a day in South France. Also bloomy wallpapers are cut out for these bedrooms.

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Time is very important for the people of this geographical region who work as farmers, and it will be inevitable for you to give place in your home to wall clocks and stand clocks that remind everyone of their tasks in crowded families and meal times considered almost sacred. If we talk about furniture, you can cover your armchairs with striped and bloomy cotton fabrics, use a wrought iron or wooden center table, and a matting corner couch will fit into your living room. An old nut wooden coffer can be used both as a coffer and as a sideboard with linen covers that we wreathed on it or you can install a divan that you can put pastel color pillows with cotton fabrics on it and placed under a high window, moreover you can transform the bottom of it into a meat safe. About the chandeliers you can choose non- crystal but armed ones, you can lighten the corners with lampshades.

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In the region that is the homeland of the gastronomy, the kitchen is a very important area. The kitchens that usually tiled floors are preferred is quite wide and countertop is big and there is also a table that dine with the whole family. Kitchen cupboards can be chosen as patina painted wooden such as matte, powder, baby blue, and oil green. You can also preserve sauces, jams, spices and pickle jars using with stand meat safe. In the dining room, you can put wooden backrest and hockers and old iron chairs, you can have an Mediterranean feast to you guests with elegant stitcheries romantic French patterned dinner services.

To sum up, in the Provence decoration style that matte and natural looked furniture is in the forefront, tiled and massive floors, stone walls, patina paints, rugs instead of carpets, light fabrics, nettings and tall tulles and wrought iron details provide all necessary codes. A house full of respectful, peaceful and cheerful details of the French country life will be the source of joy of lie for the people in.


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