If you say a extremely white kitchen or a minimalist hall that furnished very few stuff do not work for me, you will love Wabi-Sabi trend that started to rise recently. The Wabi-Sabi trend, which is based on the principle that the houses are not perfectly furnished places to be watched like a table but the places where lived in, brings a warm and sincere breath to interior architecture and decoration.


How can you start applying the Wabi-Sabi philosophy at your home? First of all, by giving up the idea of perfection and the rule that all goods must be in harmony.... Then you can move the calm spirit of Wabi-Sabi into your home with the colors, materials and stuff you choose.

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Harmony and calmness together ...

Just like Feng Shui, Wabi-Sabi, which was born in Japan, suggests freely think and feel, unlike this philosophy, which has a strict rule and indicates everything has to have a certain place. The basis of this trend that embraces the idea that "imperfections are beautiful" is based on Buddhism. The principles such as simplicity, austerity and being in touch with nature are based on Buddhism. Wabi-Sabi, which does not have a full meaning and is difficult for the Japanese to describe in a few words; consist of words "wabi" which means simplicity and harmony with nature, and "sabi", which expresses the beauty of age and the transient of time. When these two words come together, it means finding harmony and calmness in things that are complicated and not assertive. This philosophy which is used in almost every area of ​​personal development life from art to self improvement, embraces every with its natural state which means imperfections, rather than to be attach to material things. It is not surprising that many people who applied Wabi-Sabi philosophy said that they are living as plainer, happier and more carefree.

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Colors and materials are from nature

Wabi-Sabi trend takes its inspiration from nature.. Thus, there is not much room for artificial colors that are not found in nature in this aesthetic sense. At the essential of Wabi-Sabi, where pastel colors are preferred, there are earth tones, brown, gray, neutral tones from the white to beige and of course green and blue tones. You can choose natural stone, aged wood, brick or concrete on the wall surfaces and floors. Since the rustic style of raw materials is extremely suitable for the soul of Wabi-Sabi, you can use all of these coating materials. You can also consider different alternatives such as bamboo, straw or clay, as well as classic options such as wooden and natural stone. The point to note here is that the nature is the forefront, that is, the organic aspects of the materials you use are not hidden, but on the contrary put forward ... For example, if you are going to use bricks for your walls, you should choose to use the natural state of the bricks instead of doing plaster or paint.

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Short and Sweet

Wabi-Sabi tells us that we should have fewer stuff but that we should be careful about that our furniture durable and good quality. With the principle of "short but sweet furniture", the houses are furnished with the same characteristics as wine, which will grow aging and character over time become warm, friendly and livable spaces. You should choose natural materials such as wool, felt, gauze, linen and cotton for your furniture, ornaments, curtains, carpets and covers that you will choose as in color and surface coatings. In the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, cracks on the wood or non-smooth ceramic surfaces are considered as features that add character and liveliness to furniture rather than being afraid of your furniture are stained or broken. The naturalness and simplicity in the pieces you choose when decorating your home must be at the forefront. A cabinet from your childhood, a keepsake chest from your grandmother, a coffee table you could not throw for years ... With a little creativity, you can make these furniture compatible with your home.

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An Eclectic Style

Different cups and plates, wrinkled linen covers, wild flowers placed in vases, colorful candles, baskets, hand made ceramic stuff ... It is up to you how to place these stuff. Free your creativity and see what happens. Finally, give up the idea that everything should be a set; You create harmony of the furniture with each other. You can create an eclectic and completely special to you style by combining different styles and stuff in unexpected ways.

No more Mess

Although Wabi-Sabi brings a relaxed understanding of interior design, there is no space and unnecessary furniture in this philosophy. Magazines and newspapers stacks, non-working remote controls and all kinds of electronic devices, empty batteries, textbooks from your school years, old fashioned outfits that have not been worn for years ... It's time to say good-bye to all of them because, according to Wabi-Sabi, these excrescences create mental and physical barriers in front of the goal to be reached, that is, simple life, even if they are hidden in closets and out of sight. With getting rid of the excrescences in your home, you will make room in your living space and you will step into a more relaxed and carefree existence.

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