In the name of patterns!

It is difficult to catch up with the changing trends; the trends that seem to become old-fashioned get back and become fashionable again, or a style that we love become old-fashioned. In 2018, we get our share from these fast ups and downs, but there is one feature that distinguishes us from the others in that we are sure that many of you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Just as it is in fashion, we have entered a turning point in the interior architecture and decoration, where personal touches and creativity have come to the forefront, and even the phrase “the rules have been destroyed”. In 2018, we will see even more bold changes in forms, materials and textures. When we do combinations we will focus on colors and patterns rather than styles. Without sticking to the trends, we will meet with an eclectic sense of decoration where different styles are used boldly together. In short, this is the right time to reflect your personal style at home this year. The secret of the job is hidden in details ...

Bold colors

In 2018 we say goodbye to the dominance of neutral tones. This year the color wheel changing into a lot more daring spots. Of course, it's no coincidence that Pantone, who sets trends on color, chooses ultra violet for 2018’s color... Ultraviolet, defined as “provocative and courageous”; from fashion to decoration, from industrial design to art, triggers the imagination of designers in many fields.

In addition to the violet, there are magnificent jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby ​​red, dark blue and gray, vivid greens, yellow and red colors that stand out this year. You can add assertive colors such as ultraviolet and red to large pieces such as couches, carpets or wallpaper, as well as small touches to areas where pastel tones are dense. If you are afraid of bold colors, start with accessories. Even neutral and pastel tones continue to be used, but they will be mostly on the background. If you like these tones, you can place the pastel tones throughout your decoration and create your own style with using vivid colors in small but as remarkable detail. The pastel color that stands out this year is the sage green... This color, which creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, especially when used with wood, seems to have glared over the throne of white and pastel pink.

Luxury textures

Among the essentials of 2018 are jewel-colored velvet, brass accessories, rich-looking wallpapers, marble bathrooms and leather furnishings... We will not exaggerate that 2018 will be the year of velvet. Soft velvet seats; creates a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in homes with emerald green, ruby ​​red, and sapphire blue. You can use sapphire blue, which is a relaxing effect, in your bedroom, green and purple in your living room and lounge. Wallpaper like velvet is also one of the trends of this year... You can add a very different atmosphere to your living spaces with wallpapers with rich textures and striking designs that match the color styles of the year.


Metal does not go out of fashion but we see that copper and pink gold are replaced by brass. In the bathroom and kitchen you can make a big impact with small touches using brass armatures instead of stainless steel. Not only in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in lighting and accessories, brass adds elegance and style to the areas of use.

Another material we often see indoors is leather... You can get a luxurious and modern look by using leather in your bed head or by putting quilted leather seats in your living room.


This year, we also face marble in both bathrooms and accessories. Especially the terrazzo flooring is one of the most preferred materials on walls and floors with different color alternatives ranging from earth tones to red and yellow.

Natural patterns
Another trend that will be back in 2018 is the “global immigrant” style... Exotic accessories, handmade fabrics, tribal patterns which are native to America and Africa, straw items, earth tones, and wood corner stones form the world's vibrant colors, large and bold patterns stand out. The most important feature of this style, which is aimed at a warm and cozy atmosphere, is the combination of various colors and designs... In addition to tropical patterns such as palm leaves and cactus, “jungle” in other terms wild forests are used together with patterns, tribal motifs and flower patterns. You can use flower and plant patterns in contrasting colors from kitchen items to seats, from curtains to tables at every corner of your house. Huge pillows, wall carpets, divans, non-teamed chairs and sofas, accessories that seem to be incompatible patterns and have a story to tell... How you combine them is entirely up to you. For example, you can use the same flower pattern on both wallpaper and sofas, or you can choose a color that is similar to the color of your walls by applying a tonal tone trend to bring out a color that you like very much.

New interpretations of the old ones

We face with the industrial and rustic, which is a style that does not go out of fashion, a bit differently this year. We are entering a transition where these styles are combined freely with other styles. So instead of sticking to a single style, you can create your own whole from different pieces. For example, if you like industrial style, you can use concrete, which is one of the indispensable of this trend, on the walls and floors that are the classic way of use, on the lamps or on the tables. The way the designers call it “casual rustic” is also breaking down the rules. How about putting together parquets of different sizes on the ground floor, or putting concrete counters instead of classic marble in your kitchen? From the days where painting a single wall with different colors is synonymous to take a risk, we have entered a period where the ceilings are painted in different colors, even covered with wallpaper. In short, be brave, free your creativity and do not obey the rules. Have fun!

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