Gallery Wall can be accepted as a home decoration- art movement spreading to the world from New York. Paintings are like jewels that can not be replaced for homes and homeowners who loves art. The decisions about the selected parts, frames, are so meticulous that you have to take a picture and understand that you cannot just hang up on any wall. The mood of the house, the style of decoration, the colors of the goods and the walls, their location, everything but everything will guide you to what artworks should be hung on those.

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Gallery Wall is a movement that has managed to overcome this complexity and has been able to overcome this complexity and collect all the artworks you care about in one place, and when the installation is done, even the wall itself has became a work of art! Of course, this effect is not easy, so being careful like a curator is not a bad idea.

You can find different approaches to create a gallery wall in your home. Frames in monochrome and the same size, monochrome but different sizes of frames, different colors and different sizes of frames, a photo gallery in frames in different forms - round, square, rectangle - or paintings from water color to acrylic, from oil paintings to charcoal, and even it is possible to get the taste a mixed exhibition by adding some ceramics, masks, custom designed wall decorations and mirrors that you like alongside them.

If you live in a minimal house, instead of fixing a collection which has minimal lines that in different shaped plain black frames, you can line them in borderless thin shelves, because, the houses with the minimal and modern decoration style looks good with more angular and clear lines, therefore, moving walls and over-colored or leafed pieces will collide with the spirit of the place.

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On the other hand, if you are planning a Gallery Wall in an eclectic style house, the options are more free. If you have stairs in your home, you can use stair walls, or if you have an angular wall, you can include some parts of both walls from the intersection point to the gallery. If all styles are harmonized in an eclectic house, it is very important that the frameworks and works on your wall are in harmony with all the differences. If you cannot get a curatorial look or start to be excessive, your wall that is started good starts to be eye-straining and unpleasant look that gives you the look you have been looking for and you have filled the wall what you have found.

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Above buffet, the stairs walls, the hall, the wall behind your working table, and even the back wall where the television is located are open to use as this. It is even possible to create a gallery wall in your bathroom with some ceramics that are unlikely to be affected by moisture. If there is an empty wall behind the toilet or across the sink, a Gallery Wall with colorful patterns or figures will amaze all of your visitors on the entire stay. The important thing is to place everything in place, that is to make the wall as an artwork as a whole, as well as to make each piece visible.

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